Soothing Oral Gels

Soothing Oral Gels

Teething is an exciting milestone in a baby’s life when their first little teeth start poking through their gums. During this period, you might notice your little one becoming fussier than usual, drooling a lot, and wanting to chew on everything in sight. Read More

Dr. Talbot’s soothing oral gel contains naturally inspired ingredients that help soothe sore gums in teething-age babies, providing temporary relief from discomfort for your little ones.

Why Choose Dr. Talbot’s Oral Gels for Teething-Age Babies?

Here’s why Dr. Talbot’s oral gel for babies is an effective solution for soothing children of teething age:

5-Star Bio Republic Rating

Dr. Talbot’s soothing gel proudly has a 5-star Bio Republic rating. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that our soothing gel has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Versatile Formula for Day or Night Use

Dr. Talbot’s soothing gel provides immediate relief whenever your child needs it. You can rest assured that you’re prepared to address your teething baby’s discomfort — whether during a midday play session or in the middle of the night.

Benzocaine, Belladonna, and Paraben-Free

Benzocaine and belladonna are common ingredients in some teething products but are associated with potential side effects and safety concerns. We formulate our oral gel for teething babies without benzocaine, belladonna, or parabens, so it’s a safe and gentle choice for your child.

Available with Nuby Gum-EEZ Teether

Dr. Talbot’s oral gel for teething-age babies is available to purchase with a Nuby Gum-EEZ teether, which has a unique textured design that comforts your baby’s delicate gums. The teether complements the soothing effects of the gel, offering your child extra relief.

Naturally Inspired

Our soothing gel is made with naturally inspired flavors that babies love. It contains ingredients like chamomile and arnica, which can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the gums.

How to Use Dr. Talbot’s Baby Oral Gels

Here are some tips for using our soothing gel for kids:

  • Start with a small amount. Use a pea-sized amount of gel during the first use, as your infant might get fussy when you’re trying to open their mouth.
  • Offer a distraction. Keep your baby distracted while applying the soothing oral gel to make the process more comfortable for you and your little one. You can engage your baby in a peekaboo game or offer them the teether included in the package.
  • Rub gently along the gums. Gently rub the soothing gel along gum lines with your finger, swab, or applicator. If your baby looks uncomfortable, give them time to adjust to the cooling sensation.

Safe and Effective Relief for Babies

Ease your child’s discomfort today with Dr. Talbot’s oral gel. As your baby is teething, choose our safe and trusted solution!


When should I start using Dr. Talbot’s soothing oral gel?

You can start using Dr. Talbot’s soothing oral gel as soon as your child begins showing signs of teething, typically around 4-6 months. Watch out for signs like excessive drooling, fussiness, irritability, or trying to bite on things.

Is Dr. Talbot’s soothing gel safe for my child?

Yes. Our soothing gel is free from parabens and dyes and has a 5-star Bio Republic rating. We use naturally inspired ingredients like chamomile in our gel, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your child a safe and effective product.

What if my baby swallows some of the oral gel?

Dr. Talbot’s oral gel is formulated for application directly onto a baby’s gums and is safe for ingestion. In the event your baby exhibits symptoms resembling an allergic reaction, it is recommended to promptly consult with a physician or healthcare provider.