Pulse Oximeters

Pulse Oximeters

One of the essential practices of a healthy lifestyle is checking your vitals regularly. For most of us, this includes checking our temperature, weight, and BMI. However, there’s another metric you might want to start measuring — oxygen saturation level in your blood. Read More

Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeters help you measure the percentage of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate. These important metrics can reveal variations from the normal and help you monitor your vitals in partnership with your physician.

Why Choose Dr. Talbot’s Pulse Oximeters?

If you’re searching for a reliable and user-friendly pulse oximeter, Dr. Talbot’s collection has you covered. Here are some innovative features and benefits of our home pulse oximeters:

  • Accurate readings for peace of mind. Whether you’re monitoring your own health or that of a loved one, you can trust our devices to provide reliable data.
  • Fast and convenient results. With the press of a single button, Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeters deliver instant results, so you can get essential health information quickly and conveniently.
  • Enhanced visibility with color display. Our pulse oximeters feature a color display that offers clear readings from any angle, ensuring effortless monitoring.
  • Adjustable brightness and battery indicator. Customize your viewing experience with easy brightness adjustments for the best visibility in any lighting conditions. Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeters also have a battery indicator, so you can keep tabs on power levels and ensure uninterrupted use.
  • Versatile usage for all ages. Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeters are suitable for adults and children above four years, with a weight range of 33 to 242 lb.
  • Ready to use out of the box. Our pulse oximeters come ready to use straight out of the box, complete with a convenient lanyard for easy carrying and batteries for immediate use.

Dr. Talbot’s Range of Pulse Oximeters

We offer digital pulse oximeters in three colors — black, white, and white & grey.

Understanding Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry helps you understand how effectively oxygen is being delivered to different parts of your body, like your arms and legs, from your heart.

How Does It Work?

A small clip-like device called a probe is placed on your finger during the test. This probe emits light that passes through your skin and blood, measuring the amount of oxygen present. Your oxygen level then appears on the display screen.

Based on this information and in partnership with your doctor, you can determine if you’re receiving enough oxygen or if additional oxygen support might be necessary. Some cases where pulse oximetry can be helpful include:

  • During or after procedures that use sedation
  • Checking the efficacy of lung medicines
  • Assessing a person’s ability to handle strenuous activity

How to Use Your Pulse Oximeter Effectively

Here’s a simple guide to using Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeter accurately for reliable results:

  • Warm your hands if they feel cold.
  • Sit in a comfortable position for about five minutes before you clip the oximeter on.
  • Place the oximeter on the tip of your index or middle finger.
  • Stay still for about a minute. The numbers might fluctuate at first, so wait until they’re steady.
  • Record the two numbers you see. One is your oxygen saturation level, and the other is your heart rate.

Buy the Best Pulse Oximeters at Dr. Talbot’s

Take control of your health with Dr. Talbot’s reliable pulse oximeters. Check out our website and make your purchase today!


Do Dr. Talbot’s pulse oximeters give accurate readings?

Yes, our pulse oximeters give accurate results. Warm your hands by rubbing them together and keep still to reduce hand movement while taking a reading.

Who are pulse oximeters for?

Pulse oximeters are versatile tools for those interested in wellness and fitness, suitable for use at home or on-the-go. They are valuable for tracking oxygen saturation levels during physical activities or for personal interest in respiratory and cardiovascular wellness.