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Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief
Cough Relief

Cough Relief

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  • Temporary relief for symptoms associated with cough
  • Formulated with cell salts
  • Does not contain alcohol, dyes or parabens
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. at an FDA GMP registered facility
  • Easy dose syringe takes the guesswork out
  • Product packaging may vary
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Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief: Safe and Gentle Solutions for Kids

As a parent, it can be quite unsettling if your baby is under the weather. About 24% of children experience prolonged cough in the first 9 months, so having the best cold relief for those days is essential.

Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief offers a reliable and gentle solution for coughs and other related symptoms.* Plus, it has a pleasant fruit juice flavor, so your little one is less likely to put up a fuss.

Effective Cough Relief for Kids: Dr. Talbot's Trusted Solutions

We understand that kids need special care, especially when they are feeling unwell. Whether it's a tickly throat or chest congestion, Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief can help address cough symptoms,* ensuring your little one gets the relief they need.

A Safe and Effective Alternative

We use natural ingredients to provide effective relief while prioritizing the well-being of your child. Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief doesn’t contain parabens or dyes, so you can trust that you’re giving your baby safe and gentle medicine.

Safe and Gentle Cough Relief for Children: Dr. Talbot's Relief Remedies

At Dr. Talbot's, we believe in the power of nature to provide gentle and effective solutions. Our cough relief medicine is carefully made with naturally inspired ingredients, such as elderberry juice, grape juice, and purified water.

Reliable Cough Relief for Kids: Dr. Talbot's Remedies

Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief temporarily relieves sore throat, chest congestion, and those annoying dry or itchy coughs.* Check our guidelines for different age groups to ensure you're giving your child the right dose for their age.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Is Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief safe for children?

Yes, Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief is safe for children. Ensure to follow the recommended dosage and age guidelines. If you have any concerns or if your child has a chronic cough, don't hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional.

Can Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief be used for infants?

Consult a medical professional before using this product on children under 6 months.

How often should I administer Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief to my child?

  • For sudden onset of symptoms — use every 15 minutes for up to 8 doses until symptoms are relieved, then every 2 hours thereafter.

  • For children 6 - 18 lbs or 3 - 8 kgs — 1.25 ml every 2 hours, reduce frequency when symptoms improve.

  • For children 19 - 29 lbs or 9 -13 kgs — 2.5 ml every 2 hours, reduce frequency when symptoms improve.

  • For children 30 - 90 lbs or 14 - 41 kgs — 5 ml every 2 hours, reduce frequency when symptoms improve.

Can I use Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief alongside other medications?

Consult a healthcare professional before combining Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief with other medications to make sure they are compatible and to avoid any possible reactions.

Are there any known side effects of Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief?

While side effects are generally rare, be on the lookout for potential adverse reactions. If you notice any unusual symptoms or reactions in your child, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

How long does it take to see results with Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief?

Some children may experience relief shortly after administration, while others may take longer.

Are Dr. Talbot's products regulated and approved?

Dr. Talbot's products, including our cough relief, are manufactured in the USA at an FDA GMP-registered facility. We meet all the regulatory standards for safety and quality.

Can Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief be used for other respiratory conditions?

Dr. Talbot's Cough Relief is specifically formulated for cough symptoms. If your child is experiencing other respiratory conditions, consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and guidance on suitable treatment options.